About Flo Coast

Here at Flo Coast, we're all about humble beginnings! My name is Brian, and I'm the founder and sole operator here at Flo Coast Apparel. I started this company simply out of the desire to create products that I love, in hopes that other people would love them, too!

I have a very fulfilling active duty career in the US Air Force, but I've always been an entrepreneur at heart, knowing even as a teenager that I wanted to start a business for myself from scratch one day. After moving back to Florida for the second time, I realized just how inspired I was by the waters surrounding this beautiful state! As a kid from Nebraska, I had no idea how awe-struck I would be by the magnitude, beauty, and mystery of the Gulf and Atlantic waters. At the same time, I came to the realization that starting my own apparel brand would be pretty sweet, so I decided to marry the two ideas, and here we are!

If you have or are thinking about making a purchase from Flo Coast, my wife Lexie and I just want to say a very sincere "thank you" for supporting my small business dream and becoming a part of our Flo Coast family!

All respect and appreciation,

Brian Montalbano, owner and CEO